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Base Plate Application, Additional Supplements, and wire services.

Motor Carrier Services Services
At Motor Carrier Services, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. We are available to take your order Mon Thru Friday 8am to 5pm to help you.
Service Fees:
Fuel Tax Filings, ITFA Fuel Permits, Unified Carrier Registration Filings.
Federal Motor Carrier Applications:
Common & Contract Packages, Common or Contract Only, Broker Authority Only, Missouri Intrastate Authority.

Package Includes: Common, Contract, Federal ID Number, LLC, Or Corporation Filing, US Dot Number, Driver Qualification Files, Maintenance Files, Motor Carrier Book, Consultation Thru your DOT Audit, Process Agents.
Resident Process Agents:
​  Boc 3 Forms covering all states, Exempt & Private Carriers per state.
Advalorem Reports:
  All reports are based on a minimum charge.  The final fee is determined by the amount of time spent preparing the report.
Fuel Tax Reporting:
All accounts will be charged on a monthly basis with a minimum charge per month.  Each account will be charged according to the information furnished by the carrier. All trip reports must have the states, routes, and miles broken down. Incomplete trip reports completely by MCS will be assessed extra charges. All trip reports and fuel invoices are due in our office by the 15th of each month. MCS reports only what the carrier furnishes. Assistance with any state audit will remain at  a per-day rate . 
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